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How Will Digital Technologies Be Utilised in Construction in 2023?

13th February 2023

Over the past two decades technology has transformed the way industries worldwide operate.

For the construction industry, innovative technologies are quickly being adopted on sites across the UK, bringing with them numerous benefits for companies, construction professionals and projects alike. Below we take a look at just some of the technologies being used in construction…


For the team here at SIMIAN, finding new and innovative ways to engage learners and provide real-world experience is crucial, and virtual reality is leading the way in achieving this. VR is being used in our training centres to allow both prospective and current learners gain real insight into what it’s like to work at height. Learn more about VR technology being used for SIMIAN training here.

Access on site

Security is critical for sites throughout the UK. Previously, construction professionals would have presented their CSCS card when entering a site; now, apps are making this much simpler, allowing Site Managers to quickly scan their card and gain an instant view of the worker’s qualifications. This technology can also come with its own issues; take a look at our recent article on the dangers of CSCS scammers here.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows contractors, engineers, and architects to collaborate on a building’s design. This technology has been a key component to improving safety and efficiency on construction projects, as well as delivering significant cost savings. BIM has been used increasingly on sites in recent years, but 2023 is set to be the year we see a marked growth in the use of this technology and the benefits it brings for project delivery.

On-site safety

AI technology is being introduced across countless industries and specialisms, and construction is no different. One developing area is AI being used for reducing accidents and incidents by predicting on-site hazards by tracking where materials are left and how people are moving around on site.

As a construction safety specialist, technological innovations represent an exciting time, not only for SIMIAN but for the wider construction industry and everybody that works in it.

Speak to the SIMIAN team today to find out more about how we can support your business in integrating these technologies for future projects.