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SIMIAN is an occupational health & safety consultancy specialising in scaffolding safety, workplace access & work at height.

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Safety Consultancy Services

Principal Contractors have a responsibility to ensure sites operate safely and comply with current legislation as a minimum standard. Adherence to industry guidance documents, such as those produced by the NASC, are an excellent way of achieving and even bettering this.

Our scaffolding consultancy services and workplace inspections provide both management and operational support, enabling clients to maintain best practice aligned with British, European and International standards.

Scaffolding should be either be assembled to a generally recognised standard configuration or be designed by bespoke calculation. When seeking a design for a bespoke scaffolding installation you must ensure that the design process is carried out by a fully trained, qualified and competent Design Engineer.

If requirements are not met there is a risk your scaffolding may fail to meet standards for adequate strength and stability. If scaffolding requires modification during the project this again must ensure it is carried out by a competent person. The consequences of not meeting the standards defined can have severe health and safety, legislative and financial implications.

SIMIAN Consultancy Services include:

Project Safety Cover - the provision of scaffold industry qualified safety personnel to drive the standards you require.

Scaffold Coordinators - CISRS qualified Advanced Scaffolder to operationally manage the scaffold interface on larger construction/engineering sites.

Supply Chain Support - assistance for scaffold specifiers in identifying and assessing the capability of potential scaffolding suppliers.

Scaffolding Contractor Vetting - desktop and site-based audits of your incumbent scaffolding suppliers by experienced scaffolding industry professionals.

Risk Management Surveys - pre-cover surveys to assist insurers and brokers in understanding the level of risk in a would-be client’s operations.

With offices located in the UK and UAE, we provide global scaffolding consultancy services and technical support consistent with internationally recognised standards and accreditations.

SIMIAN's scaffolding safety consultants provide expert advice and professional assessment of your scaffolding safety. Choosing our retained scaffolding consultancy services means you will benefit by ensuring the highest levels of safety for your project and protect against risk of incident and liability.

We implement in-house policies, training programmes and management systems for organisations to ensure sites operate competently, safely and comply with current legislation and industry guidance, providing total peace of mind for those with management responsibility for personnel working at height.

Our independent scaffold inspection service is designed to assist clients in discharging their duties under the Work at Height Regulations 2005 in relation to the requirement for statutory scaffold inspection. We have a track record of demonstrably improving the quality and safety of scaffolds on all sites at which we are appointed.

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