Scaffolding Consultancy

Independent Scaffolding Inspections & Audits

The legal responsibility for scaffold inspection rests with the hiring organisation and SIMIAN can assist in the discharging of these duties.

As part of our comprehensive scaffolding safety consultancy services, we can provide tailored scaffolding inspection services and safety audits to meet each client’s particular requirements. Utilising our professional scaffolding consultancy means you will be actively protecting yourself against risk of incident and any liability issues that may arise.

SIMIAN carries comprehensive indemnity insurance for the provision of these independent and impartial services, with only one motivation – to protect scaffold users and improve the general safety of the scaffold we are inspecting.

Our scaffolding consultancy service provides competent and expert advice from professionally qualified scaffolding safety consultants, who all have extensive expertise of working at height safety consultancy.

Unlike many of our competitors, all of SIMIAN’s consultants are directly employed and their geographic locations allow us to provide local service levels across the length and breadth of the UK.

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Scaffolding Safety Consultancy

Project Safety Cover

The provision of scaffold industry qualified safety personnel to drive the standards you require.

Scaffold Coordinators

CISRS qualified Advanced Scaffolders, with management experience, to operationally manage the scaffold interface on larger construction/engineering sites.

Supply Chain Support

Assistance for scaffold specifiers in identifying and assessing the capability of potential scaffolding suppliers.

Scaffolding Contractor Vetting

Desktop and site-based audits of your incumbent scaffolding suppliers by experienced scaffolding industry professionals.

Risk Management Surveys

Pre-cover surveys to assist insurers and brokers in understanding the level of risk in a would-be client’s operations.

Anchor Testing

Performed by fully trained scaffold inspectors in accordance with NASC Technical Guidance TG4:19 Anchorage Systems for Scaffolding.

All scaffolding should be inspected to ensure it meets appropriate safety standards following:

  • Installation and before first use
  • At an interval of no more than seven days
  • After significant modification
  • Any circumstances that arise which could potentially compromise the safety of the installation, for example extreme weather conditions, or plant/vehicular impact
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