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What help can an employer get with apprentice costs?

3rd May 2024

The construction industry is facing a significant skills shortage, especially in specialised trades like scaffolding and roofing. By taking advantage of CITB apprenticeship grants, construction companies can affordably invest in upskilling their future workforce. SIMIAN Apprenticeships provide comprehensive, hands-on training that ensures scaffolders and roofers gain the practical skills and experience required for these demanding roles.

Rather than waiting for skilled workers, apprenticeships funded through CITB grants are the most cost-efficient way to develop aspiring scaffolders and roofers.

Travel To Train Grant

CITB helps employers with accommodation and travel costs for each eligible apprentice. Employers can claim back 80% of accommodation costs for an apprentice, where an overnight stay is required. To access this grant, accommodation must be booked through CITB’s website, using a CITB-approved accommodation provider. The grant can also be used for on-campus residential accommodation; employers should contact CITB to find out how to apply.

Help with travel expenses is also available from CITB where the cost exceeds £20 per week, for each eligible apprentice.

How much can you receive from Travel To Train?

CITB will pay a grant when the travel costs are more than £20 per week, they will deduct the first £20 per week and reimburse the excess to the employer.

Private transport is only authorised when public transport, or transport provided by CITB, is not available or private transport is cheaper.

Current mileage rates for private transport are 26p per mile for cars or motorcycles.

The full cost of the travel grant must be reimbursed to the apprentice by the employer.

This grant does not cover car parking costs.

How much can you receive from accommodation grants?

Hotel accommodation is reimbursed at a rate of 80% of the total cost. CITB will deduct 20% of the accommodation cost and reimburse the difference to the employer, the employer must pay the 20% cost and not pass this on to the apprentice. Weekend accommodation is not funded.

Apprenticeship Training Grant

CITB offer grants to support construction companies investing in apprenticeship training. This funding can cover:

  • Off-the-job costs for attendance with an approved apprenticeship provider listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.
  • Costs associated with achieving an approved apprenticeship standard governed by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must apply for apprenticeship grants for directly employed individuals only
  • The apprenticeship program must be an approved standard
  • You must use a provider from the Official Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers

Grant funding can help make apprenticeship training more affordable for your construction company. Develop your future workforce while accessing financial support through the CITB Apprenticeship Grant program.

This funding includes:

£2,500 per year to cover off-the-job attendance costs with an approved provider, up to the maximum duration allowed for that apprenticeship standard. This portion is paid quarterly every 13 weeks.

£3,500 achievement grant paid upon the apprentice’s successful completion of the full apprenticeship program.

For more information on the CITB grants and other funding available for apprenticeships, please email Sara Calvo on

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