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Beware of CSCS Scammers

8th February 2023

A recent event has reiterated the importance of ensuring adequate security systems when it comes to checking CSCS cards on site.

The incident took place on-site when an individual presented a GQA General Construction Site Labourer card as evidence for proof of competency. Inspection of the card followed traditional protocol, scanning the QR code on the front of the card as issued by the card provider. Details of the learner’s qualifications were displayed on the screen and accepted as proof of competency meaning the individual was welcomed onto the site.

More recently, an advanced security access control system was introduced to the site which altered traditional inspection protocol. The new process involved an electronic check of competency cards as well as fingerprint recognition. The new process flagged up that the card details were not recognised as legitimate and led to an illegally hosted page.

The team on site contacted GQA Qualifications to verify if the card was genuine and were told that there was no record of the card, or any courses completed as originally stated. As a result, the incident is currently under investigation by GQA as the individual claims to have completed training and assessment.

The event reiterates the importance of being vigilant when carrying out on-site card checking by ensuring the use of approved card checking software.

SIMIAN clients requiring further information on avoiding CSCS scammers are free to contact us for advice via or by telephone 0345 602 2418.