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What will 2019 bring for scaffolding safety?

29th November 2018

The scaffolding industry has seen a number of triumphs in 2018, but it has also seen a number of tragedies, with scaffolding accidents and collapses across the globe highlighting the importance of scaffolding safety.

Scaffolding safety

Scaffolding safety in 2019

Year-on-year, the rate of scaffolding accidents has gradually reduced, but scaffolding best practice across the whole of the industry is still some way from being achieved.

For Simian in particular, 2019 will be a busy but productive year in our mission to ensure scaffolding professionals across the UK and worldwide are using safe scaffolding practices at all times, with the obvious benefit of reducing the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities that can and do occur, good safety really is good business!

With a number of new centres opened in 2018, both nationally and internationally, as well as a number of blossoming partnerships underway, we are excited to provide more accessible expert scaffolding training to delegates that may have previously found our Warrington centre to be geographically out of reach.  Not only will the number of centre increase, but also the portfolio of training on offer, with an high emphasis being placed on increasing the number of Apprentices passing through our centres.

The Simian team are high qualified in providing expert training courses, apprenticeships and consultancy to scaffolding businesses throughout the UK. Contact our team today to discover how we can support your workforce to work safely at height in 2019 and beyond.