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What to look for when recruiting a scaffold apprentice

9th January 2019

For the Simian team, apprenticeships in 2018 have thrived, and with the scaffolding skills shortage showing no signs of abating, we have compiled our list of the top five aspects that make a great apprentice, take a look below.

Scaffolding apprenticeship

Looking for the ideal scaffolding apprentice


It goes without saying that scaffolding work is a labour-intensive career, and therefore a moderate level of fitness is essential to ensure a scaffolder can carry out their duties safely and effectively in a way that reduce the potential for harm.

Ability to work at heights

Of course, for scaffolders, it is vital that they feel comfortable working at height, this includes both the obvious height aspect, but also balance. Often, however, scaffolding apprentices will build confidence as their training progresses.

Team work

Whilst the majority of industries benefit from team work, the scaffolding industry in particular requires effective team work in order to operate safely and efficiently as it’s nigh on impossible to build a scaffold of any note single-handedly!

Problem solving

The ability to assess a situation and find a safe, effective solution is an essential quality for all scaffolding professionals. The best scaffolders possess great vision and the ability to build a scaffold based on a 2d drawing and a wagon load of gear doesn’t come naturally to everybody!

Apprenticeship scheme training with reputable and accredited company

All of the above points mean nothing if a scaffolding apprentice isn’t given the right education. Look for a training company with a long history of effective scaffolding training, partnerships with industry bodies and, above all, a strong team of instructors.

Scaffolding apprenticeships with Simian

Simian has a vast amount of experience in delivering scaffolding apprenticeships, to trainees across the UK. With apprentices joining our scheme as individuals or through a scaffolding employer, we have successfully helped to develop the scaffolding professionals of the future.

We continually adapt and develop our apprenticeship training in line with new standards and frameworks, both of which make the UK world leaders with regards to scaffolding safety and the standards that are applied.

If you are seeking an apprenticeship scheme, whether for yourself or an employee, please contact our team here at Simian to learn more about course content and to sign up. You can find out more at our dedicated Apprenticeship page.