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Skills Shortages Mean Scaffolders are in High Demand

17th October 2014

SCAFFOLD-BIGThe economy has picked up, projects are getting the green light and everyone is talking about house prices rising.  The construction sector is booming and evidence of a skills shortage is already starting to cause problems.

There has been a high level of media coverage about the current situation making life difficult for construction businesses. Demand for skilled trades people such as plumbers, electricians, brick layers and scaffolders is reportedly out stripping supply, with many of our clients bemoaning the lack of scaffolders and those that were lost to the industry forever as they sought out new careers when the recession struck in the late 2000s.

The picture is clear; the UK needs more skilled trades people to service existing requirements and to ensure future demands are met. NASC President Kevin Ward clearly recognised this some time ago and back in Nov 2013 at the NASC’s AGM, he launched an initiative to encourage the take up of apprenticeships.  Mr Ward, a former scaffolding pprentice himself, launched the drive to encourage 400 new scaffolding apprentices during a two-year period in a drive which would also raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. The take up so far has been excellent and we are hopeful that the target will be reached and even bettered!

If you are interested in a scaffolding apprenticeship, either as an apprentice or as an employer, Simian can offer part-time and full-time apprenticeship schemes and for eligible candidates fully funded options are available.

What better way than to grow the next generation of scaffolders within your own business?!

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