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26th April 2017

At Simian we are committed to supporting scaffolders at every stage in their scaffolding career and this includes those just embarking on a career in the industry.

From our HQ in Warrington we train apprentices who are being sponsored by scaffolding companies across the region.

The scheme is popular as it allows those just starting out on a career to combine working with training.  It equips them with the practical skills and the theoretical knowledge needed to pursue a career in scaffolding while gaining real practical experience at the same time. Apprentices also earn a wage while they are training.

Our part-time scaffolding training apprenticeship scheme runs as an 11 week programme with apprentices attending our training centre for 10 day blocks over a period of between 18 to 24 months.

We have trained hundreds of apprentices and we’re delighted to announce that the latest cohort has passed through the centre.
Scaffolding Apprenticeship

Congratulations to

  • Andy Isotta of KSL Scaffolding
  • Dean Williams of Peninsular Scaffolding Ltd
  • Jacob Corbett of Mid Cheshire Scaffolding Ltd
  • James Ross of PDL Scaffolding
  • Josh Schofield of Crossway Scaffolding
  • Louis Hobson of Network Scaffolding Contractors Ltd

Many thanks also to their employers for supporting the future of the industry!

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for our apprenticeship training and we are proud of the work that many of our apprentices have gone on to do in the industry.

Apprenticeships are growing in popularity as many people have realised that there is no substitute for practical experience combined with professional training. We anticipate that the government’s new apprenticeship levy initiative will encourage employers to consider offering more apprenticeships.

If you have an interest in a scaffolding apprenticeship, whether it’s for yourself, an employee, a friend or relative then please get in touch. Contact Simon O’Donnell via or on 0345 6022 418 and he’ll be happy to give you all the help and advice you need!