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27th May 2016

Apprentices on our apprenticeship scheme are continually assessed as they progress through the programme. At the end of each cohort, our instructors meet and consider how each individual has performed and developed. Criteria considered includes: time keeping, general performance, attitude to safety and completion of the associated NVQ and test results.


The best-performing individual is then awarded a £30 voucher which he/ she can put toward a tool or item of PPE for use as they start their career and with that, the honour of being named Simian’s most outstanding achiever in the group with which they were involved!

Well done to Jamie for all his hard work!

If you or someone you know is considering a career in scaffolding, now is a great time to think about an apprenticeship, with Simian! We have an enviable record of apprentice output and are one of the UK’s most prolific centres! Find out more –