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Another First for Simian!

12th December 2018

The Institute for Apprenticeships has approved Simian to deliver end-point assessments for scaffolding apprentices in the future.

scaffolding apprenticeships

Simian is the first, and so far, the only organisation to have secured approval to provide end-point assessments for scaffolding.

The Government’s recent apprenticeship reforms including the introduction of the levy have resulted in significant changes to the apprenticeship system.

Employer-led scaffolding apprenticeship standards

New employer-led standards are being introduced with a changing focus to on-programme training with independent end-point assessment rather than ongoing achievement.

A group of employers have developed a new scaffolder apprenticeship standard which includes an end-point assessment process to test the competence of apprentices. This assessment is separate from the main training programme and must be administered independently. The apprentice must successfully complete the end-point assessment to prove competence and achieve scaffolding industry recognition.

End-point assessment can only be delivered by organisations that have successfully applied to the Institute for Apprenticeships to be entered onto the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations.

Reacting to the news, Simon Hughes, Simian’s Managing Director commented, “The move to end-point assessment and the aim to improve quality is critical to the apprenticeship reform programme. Rigorous and robust end-point assessment is essential to give scaffolding employers confidence that apprentices have achieved the occupational competence set out in the standard.

We are delighted that our scaffolding occupational experience and assessment expertise has been recognised in this way and that Simian is the first scaffolding training provider to have been successful in being added to the Register. Simian will offer employers an independent and national assessment service for their apprentices.

We look forward to working with employers, partners and apprentices in providing this service and raising the skills base in the industry and to help tackle its skills gaps.”

Those seeking more information on scaffolding Apprenticeships may find the apprenticeship section of our website useful. Alternatively, Simian clients are free to speak to a member of our team on 0345 602 2418 for additional advice.