Case Study

Women Breaking Barriers at SIMIAN Warrington

The desire for professional growth led two remarkable women on a journey to attend the Construction Operatives Training Scheme (COTS) course at SIMIAN Warrington. Their experience not only showcases their dedication but also highlights the increasing presence of women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Meet the Power Duo. . .

Leanne Ellis

Leanne has been in the industry for 15 years being a fitters mate and being one of the first woman in the country to be a scaffolder labourer for Cape Scaffolding. She is currently a Scaffold labourer working at Heysham One Power Station with Altrad.

When asked for words of wisdom for other woman looking to get into the construction industry, Leanne said:

“I am a real advocate for woman in male-dominated industries and within my company I fly the flag for women. A piece of advice, you must have very thick skin and take everything with a pinch of salt.”

Phoebe Wooding

The construction industry has been ingrained in Phoebe since a young age with both her Dad and Grandad being Scaffolders, so for her a career in this industry was a natural career choice. To advance her career, Phoebe would like to carry out further training at SIMIAN  to enable her to become the first woman advanced scaffolder for Altrad.

Phoebe’s motivational words for women in the construction industry:

“Don’t ever let a man make you feel like you cant do it. All I get at work is, ‘Do you know what you’re doing?’, ‘Do you want me to help you with that?’ And I always say ‘No, I can do it myself!”