Case Study

From Offshore to Onshore Excellence: Liam's Advanced Scaffolding Journey at SIMIAN Warrington

Liam, an established scaffolder working offshore in Morecambe Bay, has taken a significant step forward in his career by attending an advanced course at our Warrington Training Centre.

With years of experience working offshore in Morecambe Bay, Liam has honed his skills in inspecting scaffolds and ensuring safety through precise tagging off. Now, driven by a desire to elevate his career, he and his employer, Kaefer, saw this course as the perfect opportunity to advance his professional journey.

One of the standout aspects of Liam’s advanced course was the opportunity to be tutored by Tommy, a seasoned scaffolder and now Warrington centre manager who played a pivotal role in Liam’s early career. Reconnecting with Tommy brought a sense of familiarity and trust, allowing Liam to thrive in the learning environment. Tommy’s expertise and guidance were instrumental in deepening Liam’s understanding of complex scaffolding concepts, particularly in the areas of ties and temporary roof construction.

On teaching Liam, Tommy said:

I worked with Liam over 25 years ago when he first started in the industry so it was a pleasure to welcome him into the Warrington training centre to teach him on his advanced course. I could tell years ago that he would do well in the industry as he was very inquisitive, which is a good trait to have as a scaffolder, especially when starting out. It was a pleasure to teach Liam during his advanced course and I have no doubt he will excel in whatever path he choose to take next.”

Reflecting on his experience at SIMIAN, Liam shared:

Throughout this course, I have gained a better understanding of ties, and working in groups doing the temp roof. I really enjoyed the team jobs and being tutored by Tommy, who I worked with at the beginning of my scaffolding career.”

Liam’s journey from offshore scaffolder to potential manager or supervisor is a testament to the opportunities for growth within the scaffolding industry. With the advanced course now under his belt, Liam is poised to bring his enhanced skills and knowledge back to his offshore work in Morecambe Bay. By embracing advanced training and leveraging the mentorship of experienced professionals like Tommy, Liam is well on his way to achieving his career aspirations.

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