Case Study

Kyle is advancing his skills through his Scaffolding Apprenticeship

Kyle's story begins with a bold move – leaving the nine-to-five grind behind to follow a passion deeply rooted in his family. His dad's scaffolding legacy at Altrad was too tempting to resist. So, Kyle left the comfort of office chairs and joined the world where steel meets the sky.

Working alongside his father, Kyle discovered the joy of creating something tangible. Through encouragement by his employer Altrad, he began his Scaffolding Apprenticeship at SIMIAN Warrington to earn his qualifications and gain the necessary skills to progress in this industry.

Now onto his Part 1b, Kyle has so far learnt about different scaffold types, the erection and dismantling process for different designs and most importantly the safety aspects of the scaffolding industry.

When asked about his time at SIMIAN, kyle said:

“I have really enjoyed my time at SIMIAN so far and each time I visit I become more confident in my ability to scaffold. I would highly recommend an apprenticeship at SIMIAN for those starting out in the industry like me.
In the future I would like to continue progressing in the scaffolding world to become an advanced scaffolder.”

The whole team at SIMIAN wish Kyle the best of luck with his apprenticeship and scaffolding career.