Case Study

From Beauty School Leaver to Scaffolding Success: Kelsey's Inspiring Journey at Coles Scaffolding

Life has a way of leading us down unexpected paths, and for Kelsey, the journey from beauty school leaver to thriving in the world of scaffolding has been nothing short of inspiring

We explore Kelsey’s transition, the challenges she faced, and the unwavering support she found in her family and the scaffolding community, particularly during her Part 1 training at SIMIAN Weston.

Kelsey’s decision to join her dad’s scaffolding company, Cole Scaffolding, wasn’t just a career move; it was a heartfelt connection to her late Nan, who played a pivotal role in the family business. With her Nan’s legacy as inspiration, Kelsey, at the tender age of sixteen, stepped into the traditionally male-dominated world of scaffolding, unsure of what lay ahead.

Initially, Kelsey felt a bit nervous entering an industry primarily dominated by men. However, her perspective shifted as she got to know her colleagues at Coles Scaffolding. The support and encouragement she received from her peers and mentors helped her breakthrough stereotypes and gain confidence in her abilities.

After spending two years gaining practical experience on the job, Kelsey decided to take a significant step in her career by pursuing her Part 1 training. Choosing SIMIAN at Weston Super Mare for this crucial phase, she found herself faced with the challenge of absorbing a wealth of information. Despite feeling overwhelmed, Kelsey found solace in the support provided by her instructors and fellow trainees.

When asked about her time at SIMIAN, Kelsey said:

“I had previously taken the 1 day COTS course which didn’t intimidate me as much as doing my Part 1.
I chose SIMIAN at Weston super Mare to take my Part 1 and I have to admit I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of info I have to take in. My instructors and peers have been supportive throughout with this big step.

My goal is to hopefully learn all there is to learn about scaffolding and maybe one day have the confidence in myself to help my Dad with the day to day running of Coles Scaffolding.”

Kelsey’s journey is a testament to the fact that there is no stigma in pursuing one’s passion and breaking barriers in any industry. As she surges ahead in the world of scaffolding, supported by her family and the scaffolding community, Kelsey is not just building structures; she’s constructing a future filled with confidence, courage, and the determination to make her mark in an industry she’s grown to love inspiring others to follow.

The whole team at SIMIAN wish Kelsey the best of luck with her scaffolding career, and we hope to welcome her back to SIMIAN for her Part 2 training.