Case Study

Empowering Safety: Kevin's Journey through Scaffold Inspection Training at Simian Warrington

Kevin, a dedicated site manager at Warden Construction, recently embarked on a progressive journey by attending a Scaffold Inspection course.

Kevin, a dedicated site manager at Warden Construction, recently embarked on a progressive journey by attending a Basic Scaffold Inspection course at our Warrington training centre. This course, backed by his employer, reflects both Kevin’s commitment to professional growth and Warden Construction’s dedication to ensuring the highest standards of safety and competence on their sites.

The decision to attend this course was in recognition of its potential benefits. Kevin understood that acquiring the knowledge taught in the course would not only enhance his ability to request scaffolding for on-site operations but also enable him to conduct crucial inspections during handover and weekly. Despite never having inspected scaffolds before, Kevin approached the course with an open mind, eager to absorb the expertise offered.

Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical exercises, Kevin gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of scaffold inspection. The hands-on experience provided by assessing ‘test’ scaffold structures, coupled with internal arrangements, equipped Kevin with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and standards necessary for safe scaffolding practices.

The most significant takeaway for Kevin was the clarification of his responsibilities concerning scaffold works. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Kevin now possesses the confidence to rigorously assess the suitability and safety of scaffolding installations, a task he previously found daunting. His ability to challenge and ensure compliance with safety protocols not only enhances site safety but also underscores his commitment to excellence in his role.

Reflecting on his experience, Kevin comments:  

“The training received allows me the confidence to challenge any works I would previously have been unsure of their suitability and safety for the task. I would strongly recommend SIMIAN training to others as I found the BSI course engaging and informative with excellent delivery by Ian Jones.”

Kevin’s participation in the Basic Scaffold Inspection course has not only expanded his knowledge but also empowered him to uphold the highest standards of safety and professionalism in his role as a site manager.

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