Case Study

Danes Journey to Part Two Scaffolder at SIMIAN Warrington

Having completed his CISRS COTS (Construction Operative Training Scheme) and Part One Tube and Fitting courses at our Warrington centre previously, Dane recently returned to take his Part Two Tube and Fitting course

The 10-day Part Two course provides thorough scaffolding knowledge and practical skills for experienced scaffolders. It covers erecting complex scaffolding structures, carrying out complicated scaffolding calculations, and developing expertise in areas like loading and bay sizes. However, Dane did say that everything gets broken down on the course so new knowledge is understandable and manageable.

One of the biggest outcomes of Danes Part 2 Tube and Fitting Course at SIMIAN was the newfound confidence he gained in his abilities. Having never inspected a scaffold before, Dane now feels he is competent to inspect in the future.

Throughout his training, Dane said:

After my Part 2 training course I have more of an understanding and will be more confident in leading rather than following a scaffolder, and a particular takeaway for me has been measuring our properly.
I would recommend SIMIAN training courses to everyone looking to become a Scaffolder.

Having put in the hard work over the ten intense days of training, Dane successfully completed his CISRS Part Two Tube and Fitting course and earned his certification. He is now progressing with his NVQ and 1 day Skills Test to earn fully qualified Part Two Scaffolder status.

Inspired by Dane’s journey? Start your Scaffolding career today with a CISRS Course at SIMIAN.