Case Study

Connor’s Scaffolding Apprenticeship Journey with SIMIAN and Kaefer

Connor is coming towards the end of his Scaffolding Apprenticeship at SIMIAN with hopes of progressing to become an Advanced Scaffolder throughout his career.

Being a scaffolder wasn’t exactly Connors dream career at first, however with his dad and godfather in the trade, it was inevitable that if he was going to choose any construction trade, scaffolding would be the one for him. Since starting at Kaefer, and commencing his apprenticeship at SIMIAN, Connors enthusiasm for a career in scaffolding has grown and confidence in his abilities has developed.

Working alongside his family has been a help for Connor, with always having them on hand to answer any questions about the trade and offer support throughout the beginning of his journey. The apprenticeship has further enhanced his skills providing him with more  knowledge and practical experience and then being able to implement this knowledge and gaining experience out on site with Kaefer, all whilst getting paid!

One crucial aspect Connor has gained from his apprenticeship, alongside the tube and fitting skills, is the importance of teamwork and how much you need to rely on each other in this trade. By the age of 20, Connor will be a Part Two Scaffolder which is a great achievement, with hopes to progress to Advanced Level like his dad before he turns 30.

Erika, a Learner Coach at SIMIAN Warrington commented that Connor has been dedicated and always had good attendance throughout his apprenticeship which plays an important part in progressing through the course.

When asked about his time at SIMIAN, Connor said:

“I’ve learned so much throughout my apprenticeship, everything from safety to proper erection and dismantling, all while working as a team. For anyone considering an apprenticeship, I would certainly recommend a scaffolding apprenticeship as there is so much to learn and this allows you to learn whilst getting paid too.”

We wish the Connor the best of luck once completing his apprenticeship. Want to find out more about SIMIAN apprenticeships, click here.