Case Study

Colleague recommendations led Perrie to SIMIAN to undertake his Part 1 Training.

Working as a labourer, Perrie wished to grow his skill set and increase his earning potential by undertaking a Trainee Scaffolder Part One course and SIMIAM was recommended to him for training by other Scaffolders he had worked with.

Throughout the course, Perrie has learnt numerous skills such as how to do a return, knots, lift heights, buttresses and basic scaffolding processes, as well as increasing his confidence through the team building exercises of the course. When asked about the course elements, Perrie told us that:

“Everything is explained in ‘Lay Man’s Terms’ and made extremely easy to follow, the trainers explain the procedures in detail, and the practical learning is delivered in a followable manner.”

Would Perrie recommend a training course with SIMIAN?

“Yes definitely, I would recommend SIMIAN to anyone looking for a career in Scaffolding. The trainers are very knowledgeable and easy to work with, and both the practical and theory elements are explained in detail.”