Case Study

19-Year-Old Lewis Embarks on Level 2 Roof Slating and Tiling Apprenticeship at SIMIAN Roofing Centre

Embarking on a career path at a young age is a daunting yet exciting journey. Meet 19-year-old Lewis, a motivated and determined individual who is stepping into the world of roof slating and tiling by enrolling in a Level 2 apprenticeship at SIMIAN

Lewis’s journey in the construction industry started when he was just 16 years old, studying joinery at college where he really enjoyed working with his hands and was captivated by the craftsmanship. This fascination ignited a passion in him that would eventually lead him to pursue a career in roof slating and tiling through first being a labourer.

While on his labouring job, Lewis was sent to the SIMIAN roofing centre to undertake a one day training course through the BMI with his employer M Group Manchester. Whilst at the centre, he took a keen interest in Roof Slating and Tiling and after speaking with his employer he decided to take a leap of faith and enrol in a Level 2 Roof Slating and Tiling course at SIMIAN. This decision marked a significant turning point in his life, as he was stepping into a world of structured education and professional training.

When asked about his time so far with SIMIAN, Lewis said:

“I am at the start of my level 2 Roof Slating and Tiling course, and I have already picked up a lot of skills and have a better understanding of why we do what we do on jobs at work. In here, we are doing the exact same jobs as I do at work, however it is explained in a lot more detail and explains the reasons behind why we need to do it.

I would definitely recommend a roofing apprenticeship at SIMIAN, the instructor is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease.”