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Yorkshire and the Humber revealed to be most dangerous place to work in the UK

21st May 2015

Yorkshire and the Humber has been revealed as the most dangerous place to work in the UK.  The findings come following a report which analysed workplace injury, stress and musculoskeletal disorders made worse by or induced by work.


The rate of work related stress or musculoskeletal disorders in this region during the period analysed was almost twice as high as in London.  These finding may come as a surprise to many people, particularly as there is perception that London is home to many highly pressured jobs and there is an expectation that work related stress is a more common problem in the capital.  In fact London had the lowest incidence of either type of work related issue. 

Health and Safety experts believe the difference may be due to modern businesses in the capital being more adaptable and dealing with stress and other mental health issues more proactively.  It is thought there is also more access to specialist equipment such as standing desks and work stations are more likely to be assessed and adapted to help individuals prevent back problems and other physical ailments which can be caused by or exacerbated by work.