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Who trains the trainer?

4th March 2019

Since Simian was formed, we have continually encouraged businesses throughout the construction industry to invest in training for their teams.

It is widely accepted that staff training provides both safety and commercial benefits to pretty much every business and we’re proud to say that we very much practice what we preach! During a recent analysis of our cost base, we calculated that each year, an average of 10% of our turnover is committed to staff development and training!

scaffolding trainer

Our investment in staff training

Our recruitment strategies are dedicated to identifying candidates from every corner of the scaffolding industry and particularly those who are approachable and have a demonstrable passion for the industry, whether this be for consultancy work or scaffolding training.

Recruiting the best people is only one small part of ensuring a fantastic service for our clients; we also have to ensure that our staff are continually engaged, have a high level of knowledge on the latest legislation and guidance, and understand the most effective teaching techniques for all of the different learning abilities that we encounter. All of this achieved by continual investment in training and development and challenging any notion that ‘good enough’ is good enough. It isn’t!

Of course, our philosophy towards training and development doesn’t just apply to our instructors, inspectors and consultants, but also to team members functioning in administrative, finance, coordinator or other support roles, and this approach allows every aspect of the Simian business to thrive and improve.

If you’re ready to invest in the development of your employee’s scaffolding skills and want to know more about how we can help, contact the Simian team today.