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What Does 2023 Hold for the Construction Industry?

7th December 2022

2022 was certainly one for the books. As the construction industry continued to recover from the disruption, delays and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we returned to some form of normality and, for SIMIAN in particular, were able to get back to what we do best, making the construction industry a safer place to work.

But what should be expect for 2023 in construction? We take a look below…

Green skills

As the construction industry works towards achieving its goal of net zero by 2050 green skills will play a crucial role. Whilst we have seen a rise in the number of construction professionals seeking training in this area this year, we expect training for green skills to really ramp up in 2023 and more and more projects adopt green building practices.

Adoption of technology in training

Evolving technologies are being used across the construction industry for a wide range of methods, but they are particularly being utilised within training. You may have seen the SIMIAN team showcasing how we are using virtual reality technology within our taster and training sessions. Using Construction Virtual Environment Resource Training (CONVERT), leaners are able to take part in immersive learning that mimic real-life construction scenarios. We expect the adoption of these technologies in training to expand rapidly in 2023.

Bridging the skills gap

For many years now we have been discussing the prolific skills gap within the construction industry. And whilst industry bodies and businesses have taken some great steps in an attempt to bridge this gap, it seems that it will be with us for some time to come. The New Year will see a huge push by construction companies, professionals and bodies in upskilling and diversifying construction knowledge. Of course, this will also include bridging the gap for green construction skills that look set to be crucial over the coming years as the industry works towards net zero.

Are you looking to upskill in the New Year? Get in touch with the SIMIAN team today to find out how we can support.