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Westminster Visit Showcases the Use of VR to Politicians

20th April 2023

The SIMIAN team are no strangers to delivering training on location, but an event in March was a bit different. We were invited, alongside our colleagues at the CITB, to deliver VR (virtual reality) training sessions at Portcullis House in Westminster.

VR training at Westminster

This event was organised and sponsored by Mary Robinson MP, who had kindly arranged an architecturally outstanding room at Portcullis House, for us to use to showcase the technology and demonstrate Convert (Construction Virtual Environment Resource Training) VR training to MPs, their staff, and other attendees.

Abu Shohid, from Simian LASC (London Academy of Sustainable Construction), attended the event. He spoke with MPs and other attendees about the skills challenges facing the construction industry and the work Simian is doing to support through training and continued professional development opportunities. Work which aims to provide skilled, competent, and inclusive workforces to the construction industry, now and in the future.

Using virtual reality is an innovative and effective way of safely introducing working at height to those who may be considering a career in scaffolding, as well as to others who would benefit from an understanding of the experience. It helps individuals to immerse themselves, gaining a realistic insight into working at height, without taking any risks.

Feedback from attendees was extremely positive, they were impressed by Abu Shohid’s knowledge, skills and approach. The event allowed the SIMIAN team to showcase how we have embraced technology and integrated it into our training,  positively enhancing our profile as well as  the reputation of both the CITB and SIMIAN.

Abu said,

“I would like to thank SIMIAN for providing me with this amazing opportunity to represent our company at Portcullis House. It was an experience I will remember for some time!”