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We Have Updated our COVID-19 Scaffolder Guidance

11th September 2020

During August, the Construction leadership Council provided new guidance on face coverings for construction workers, to supplement the advice they offer in their Site Operating Procedures, which now stand at V5.

Whilst the new guidance isn’t particularly significant in itself, any new related guidance is a trigger for us to review the Scaffolders’ Pack that we issue to our retained customers. Consequently, the entire suite of documents has been reviewed and updated to Rev 06, and this can now be considered to be reflective of current recommendations and requirements.

COVID-19 Scaffolder Guidance

All SIMIAN clients should by now have received the pack, but if you have slipped the net, or if you do not currently retain SIMIAN, and wish to discuss this and the other benefits that the SIMIAN retained service provides, please call us on 0345 6022418 or email us via