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Video Shows China Scaffold Collapse

12th December 2016

The accident happened on Wednesday (Dec 7) afternoon in Mianyang city in south-west China, state broadcaster CCTV said.

The scaffold, which was almost clearly unbraced and appears to be very poorly tied (if at all!) falls away from the building and folds just prior to impact with the ground, a sure sign that bracing was inadequate.


Footage: Crowd lift collapsed scaffolding to save trapped workers

On Wednesday, surveillance footage captured the moment that a 10-meter-high section of scaffolding, which was carrying three workers, suddenly toppled down in Mianyang city in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

Seconds after the collapse, some passersby ran to the scene to rescue the workers trapped underneath. More than 20 people eventually joined in to help with the rescue effort.

These amateur “firefighters” wasted no time, as some called an ambulance while others looked for tools that could help. They worked together and successfully rescued the three workers. Doctor said that luckily they all have stable vital signs, but one of them was severely injured.

Posted by CCTVNews on Saturday, 10 December 2016


After the collapse, passersby rushed to the scene to help. A sichuan paper reports that one of the workers was seriously injured, but is now in a stable condition.

The video highlights several areas of critical importance for scaffolds – competence of those erecting the scaffold, the need to ensure scaffolds are adequately anchored and ensuring scaffolds are constructed to an appropriate standard, i.e. a generally recognised standard configuration (TG20:13 or manufacturer’s instructions) or a bespoke design.

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