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Van becomes trapped under scaffolding in Devon

23rd June 2018

A Mercedes box van became trapped underneath scaffolding in Holsworthy, Devon at the end of May. The incident caused significant disruption on the road in question as the van blocked the road entirely, therefore no vehicles could pass through.

van trapped under scaffolding
Image credit: Rodney Parrish (Cornish & Devon Post)

The scaffolding had been erected to carry out work on a building along the street, part of which was subsequently removed in order to free the vehicle. Police and the emergency services attended the incident, with a spokesperson from the Devon and Cornwall Police stating that there was some damage to the building due to the incident, with bricks from the first floor knocked out as a result.

Segregation of vehicles and scaffolds

There are a number of things a scaffolding company can do in order to reduce the risk of scaffolding and vehicle interfaces when working near a public highway and these include the specifications of the pavement license, traffic management, segregation arrangements, hoarding arrangements and lighting and signage arrangements.

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