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Three SIMIAN Clients Successfully Complete RISQS Accreditation Renewal

14th March 2022

Jamie Lyons, Scaffolding Safety Advisor here at SIMIAN, has recently supported not one, not two, but THREE clients in the completion of their RISQS renewal, and we are very happy to reveal that our clients, Skill Scaffolding Limited, Access Solutions Scaffolding Limited and Amber Scaffolding, have all successfully achieved the RISQS reaccreditation.

RISQS accreditation

What is RISQS?

The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) is a requirement for all businesses that supply products or services to the UK rail industry. This highlights a business’ position as ‘capable providers’ to other rail suppliers, including construction and maintenance businesses and both Network Rail and Transport for London.

Since April 2021, there have been two routes to rail assurance, RISQS and Achilles Information Ltd Link-Up. Both of these schemes offer the Core, Sentinel and CDM modules required to become a scaffolding supplier. However, suppliers that are looking to provide services directly to Network Rail will be mandated to use the RISQS assurance process. SIMIAN is able to assist in both RISQS and Achilles Link-Up, however our clients mentioned above use RISQS for their accreditation.

Recently the RISQS audit process has changed, meaning that ‘external consultants’ like SIMIAN, are unable to be present on the days of the audit and recently, audits have been carried out remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How is SIMIAN supporting with reaccreditation?

Although we are unable to be present on the day of the audit, Advisors such as Jamie support our clients in the creation of Management Systems and assist in their implementation ready for audits such as those carried out by RISQS. We ensure that clients are thoroughly prepared for the audits and are confident to take it on without our expertise on the day, and this has proven to be hugely successful.

Speaking of our support of the business, Lee Marshall, Health and Safety Manager at Skill Scaffolding Limited said:

 “SIMIAN has been tremendous in assisting us in the run-up to our RISQS audit. Since the audit process has changed and SIMIAN is no longer able to sit in on the days of the audit, they have walked and talked us through the entire process. In addition to this they also keep us updated on any changes to legislation to ensure we meet our legal obligations at all times. Overall, they are an extremely valuable asset to our business.”

On behalf of the entire SIMIAN team, we would like to say a huge congratulations to Skill Scaffolding, Access Solutions Scaffolding and Amber Scaffolding on this achievement.

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