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The Future for Green Construction – How is the Industry Responding?

14th October 2021

Climate change and sustainability has been a crucial focus for businesses, governments and individuals for a number of decades. And with the recent UN scientific report stressing the importance of acting quickly with regards to our emissions, industries worldwide are looking at ways in which they can operate more sustainably.

The future of green construction

The construction industry has, for many years, been working towards operating on a more sustainable basis. With many industry bodies supporting green initiatives such as the UK Green Building Council, the Green Energy Skills Training Alliance and the Green Construction Board, there has never been more support for construction businesses to implement green techniques.

As a result of this, demand for ‘green’ skills within the construction industry is at an all-time high, yet current delivery capability across the UK remains extremely low. Businesses want to connect with professionals who can turn their sustainability goals into a reality, and this will require the appropriate training.

For SIMIAN, we have been actively implementing green construction into our existing services for a number of years. Most recently, we have opened the Green Energy Skills Hub at our LASC centre, which will provide support and upskill training in green skills, including ground and air source heat pump installation, and green energy retrofit. Additionally, we have forged several key partnership relationships with specialist training providers, and this will ultimately meet the Retrofit agenda and the New Build green initiatives, and take those crucial steps towards net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

If you are interested in learning more about our Green Skills training, please get in touch with the SIMIAN team today on 0345 602 2418 or email