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TG20:13 Fact Number One

2nd May 2014

In this series, we will be posting a series of interesting snippets of TG20:13 (the NASC’s Good Practice Guidance for Tube & Fitting Scaffolding) inclusions, some new, some old, some obscure and some well-known! If there is something you would like to see covered, just let us know and we’ll do our best to advise!

In some situations and always for TG20:13 compliant scaffolds constructed in 2m lifts, it is possible to use half the specified number of ties, so long as the tie duties are doubled.




This arrangement will be suitable for scaffolds with a required tie duty of 3kN at 16m2 spacings. The spacing can be increased to 32m2 and the tie loading to 6kN. This means that the increased configuration is within the limits of a tie considered as ‘standard duty’!

Conditions apply if you wish to use this configuration and the scaffold must be always be constructed with 2m lifts, be unclad, be adjacent to an impermeable facades and be constructed in low or moderate wind areas.

Section 7.6 of the Operational Guide refers!

Full detail available in Chapter 7 of the TG20:13 Operational Guide!

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