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TG20:13 Consultation Process Announced

6th June 2016

The NASC has launched a consultation process for users of its industry recognised good practice guide for tube and fitting scaffolding, TG20:13.

Following an earlier update to the eGuide in September 2014,  the confederation has launched an industry-wide consultation process in order to identify how the e-Guide software can be further improved and refined and the first step in this process is to ask users what changes and amendments they would like to see. As suggestions, these changes could include:

  • Extra functions to be added to the software, like varying the number of boarded lifts, fully loaded inside boards, producing drawings and basic calculations and increased leg load information;
  • More information on the compliance sheet, such as postcode, unique scaffold number and seasonal factors;
  • Editorial changes to any of the publications, the Operational Guide, Design Guide, or User Guide.

NASC MD, Robin James said: “It’s clear TG20:13 has had a positive impact on the scaffolding industry and has been widely adopted. But it’s our aim to keep the product at the forefront of industry innovation – and that means reacting to the experience and feedback of users and doing anything we can to encourage wider acceptance of TG20 in construction. Ultimately, it’s our aim to make the scaffolding industry safer and more efficient, through TG20 with tube and fitting scaffolding. And we will do our best to incorporate as many new features as can be accommodated without over complicating the software.

TG20:13 feedback should be emailed directly to the NASC at by June 15th.