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Staff Profile- Thomas Jennings

22nd October 2014

Name Thomas Jennings

Job title CISRS senior instructor

Talk me through a typical day in the office/work for you?
My job is a demanding one as I look after the training area, candidates and staff issues on day to day basics as well as my own work, which consists of teaching, NVQ’S, site observations, assessing etc.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Seeing the progression of the apprentices we have here as they gain more confidence and competence.

If you didn’t work at Simian what would be your dream job?
Centre forward for the blues.

When you aren’t in work where are you most likely to be found?
In the gym, watching Everton, or in the Disney shop with my daughter spending all my wages.

Where would your ideal holiday be and why?
The moon because I’ve been everywhere else.

Now for the quick fire round…

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Crisps or chocolate? Chocolate

Beer or wine? Beer

Celebrity look-alike? Bo selecta scary spice (ooooh crab paste)

A weekend in the country or a city break? City break

Rugby or football? Togger all day

Early morning or late nights? Early morning

Pub or wine bar? Pub