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Staff Profile – John Ward

28th July 2015

Name: John Brian Ward

Job title: Senior Health & Safety Consultant


Talk me through a typical day in the office/work for you?

I get up at 5.00am to get to site or to where I am going to be for the day as I like to be ready to start work at 7.00am. The job varies from day-to-day, and may involve scaffold inspection, safety auditing, visiting a retained client or delivering a training course. Every day is different and no two days are ever the same.


What is your favourite part of the job?

I love meeting different people and trying to help if I can. I love seeing my advice put into practice and delivering positive results.


If you didn’t work at Simian what would be your dream job?

I would still be doing the same type of job, I like what I do or I wouldn’t still be at it at my age!


When you aren’t in work where are most likely to be found?

In my restaurant, usually fixing something.


Where would your ideal holiday be and why?

Spending time relaxing in Whitby! I love the area, I am not a sun loving person so I try to avoid going abroad if I can, but that is hard to do when your wife loves sunbathing!


Now for the quick fire round…

Tea or coffee?



Crisps or chocolate?



Beer or wine?

None, I am tee-total


Celebrity look-alike?

Not a clue (there’s a hint of Kenny Rogers meets Charles Bronson – Dave Randles)


A weekend in the country or a city break?

Weekend in the country


Rugby or football?



Early morning or late nights?

Early morning


Pub or wine bar?

Depends who I am with, I have no preference