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Staff Profile – Jackie Thomason

24th February 2016

Name:  Jackie Thomason

Job title:  Finance Director


Talk me through a typical day in the office/work for you?

First job make a cup of tea, catch up on e-mails, check the bank and then start the day which can involve all kinds of things from meetings, contract reviews, preparing the accounts, management information, helping improve the systems we use and helping out in general any projects that come up or that we are working on.


What is your favourite part of the job?

The diversity as we have different aspects of the business with consultancy, training and overseas and with me being involved in all of these areas, it keeps my job really interesting! There’s never a dull moment and that’s largely down to the people that I work and deal with on a day to day basis.


If you didn’t work at Simian what would be your dream job?

Travel reviewer/blogger


When you aren’t in work where are most likely to be found?

Taxi service to the kids either at dance or most probably at the side of a rugby pitch somewhere in the North West.


Where would your ideal holiday be and why?

Would love to go to Australia and if possible time it right to watch a state of origin rugby league game while I was there.


Now for the quick fire round…

Tea or coffee?



Crisps or chocolate?



Beer or wine?



Celebrity sound-alike?

Jacqueline off the TV show, Benidorm. (According to Dave R!)


A weekend in the country or a city break?

Difficult for me this as I like both but if I had to choose, a city break would just edge it!


Rugby or football?

RUGBY LEAGUE the proper game of rugby. I’m a native of St Helens so support my hometown team, much to the dismay of my husband and son, who are both died-in-the-wool Warrington Wolves fans!


Early morning or late nights?

Early morning


Pub or wine bar?