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Staff Profile – Adam Brown

19th May 2015

Name Adam Brown

Job title Scaffold Inspector


Talk me through a typical day in the office/work for you?

Wake up at some ungodly hour and set off to site. Spend the rest of the day walking around scaffolds (often very carefully!) and traveling to the next site.


What is your favourite part of the job?

That I never know what to expect. Every day can surprise me and often offers new challenges.


If you didn’t work at Simian what would be your dream job?

In dream land my job would an F1 test driver.


When you aren’t in work where are most likely to be found?

On the sofa, my natural habitat of course.


Where would your ideal holiday be and why?

Anywhere with a bit of history, I need something to keep me busy on holiday


Now for the quick fire round…


Tea or coffee?

Coffee before 8am Tea any time after.


Crisps or chocolate?

Chocolate, unless there is a huge pack of cheesy Doritos nearby.


Beer or wine?

Beer in the pub, wine at home.


Celebrity look-alike?

Not a clue!


A weekend in the country or a city break?



Rugby or football?



Early morning or late nights?

Early mornings.


Pub or wine bar?