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SpanSet and SIMIAN’s continuing journey to enhance safety in height work

22nd February 2024

In the world of construction sectors, working at heights is a routine but inherently risky task. Safety protocols and equipment are paramount to ensuring the well-being of workers and preventing accidents. In this pursuit, partnerships between innovative companies play a crucial role. One such collaboration that stands out is between SpanSet and SIMIAN, two industry leaders committed to elevating safety standards in height work.

Understanding our Product Partner

For over 50 years, SpanSet UK has worked with their customers, offering an innovative range of both products and services, backed by their Teams technical support and expertise. As part of SpanSet International with companies in Europe, Asia, America and Australia SpanSet are able to draw on a wealth of expertise from around the globe.

Whatever your problem or requirement within Heigh Safety, Lifting, Load Control or Height Safety Management, trust their heritage, knowledge and expertise.  

Together we can offer a range of courses to educate and train workforces, such as:

SpanSet – Safety Harness Awareness Course | SpanSet Ltd

SpanSet – Gotcha Rescue Kit Training | SpanSet Ltd

SpanSet – Rooftop Safety | Work Restraint | Expert Training at SpanSet

SpanSet – Competent Person Inspection | SpanSet Training

The continuing partnership between Spanset and SIMIAN serves as an example of the immense potential that collaboration holds in propelling safety standards forward within the height work sector. By using our respective strength in product development, training and consultancy, we are able to create safer working environments and protect the wellbeing of employees.