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Simian’s COVID-19 Guidance Updated

27th January 2021

The Construction Leadership Council have again updated their Site Operating Procedures Guidance to reflect the latest changes mandated by the Government, as a result of the latest national Coronavirus lockdown. The guidance are described by CLC as ‘minimal’ and relate to self-isolation and shielding. They have also included an update to their flowchart for those with confirmed COVID-19 and those required to self-isolate.

In response to the latest updates, Simian has again updated our own guidance, which is intended to provide customers with clear, concise and practical guidance on what they must do during scaffolding activity during the pandemic.

updated scaffolding COVID-19 guidance

All Simian retained clients should have already received our updated Scaffolders’ pack, but those that haven’t are requested to let us know via and we will ensure that a copy of the pack is sent across.