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SIMIANs Commercial Course Retention and Achievement Rates

2nd November 2023

SIMIAN’s primary training goal is to empower individuals and companies with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the construction world. We take pride in offering a wide range of courses that cater to different needs and skill levels. And we are proud to share with you our remarkable retention and achievement rates our training centres have achieved over the past year.

The Importance of Course Retention

Course retention rates are an essential metric for any training company. High retention rates indicate that students/delegates are engaged, motivated, and satisfied with the learning experience. At SIMIANs Training Centres, our construction courses consistently achieve impressive retention rates and we believe there are several factors that contribute to this success: our engaging course curriculum, our team of experienced Instructors and our personalised support.

The Significance of Achievement Rates

Achievement rates measure the success of our students/delegates in terms of meeting learning objectives and acquiring the necessary skills to excel in their field. At our training centres, we are proud to have consistently high achievement rates across our courses.

Dave Randles, Operations Director at SIMIAN said:

Our fantastic retention and achievement rates are a testament to our teams’ commitment to deliver top level training and support to our delegates. We take pride in being one of the UKs largest construction trainers, and we’re dedicated to helping those in the industry progress their careers in any way that we can. To achieve 99% pass level in the month of our 18th year (November 23) is an excellent achievement.

There is a misconception in the industry that no one ever fails a construction training course, but this is nothing like the truth, as all courses invariably have specified minimum required standards for classroom, practical and assessment elements, and we will continue to work to surpass what is already an excellent record – so watch out 100% – we’re coming for you!

If you’re looking to gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the construction world, SIMIANs Training Centres are the place to be!