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SIMIAN Welcomes Dave Jones

5th May 2021

We’ve added another talented H&S Advisor to our team! To support our growing list of construction-based customers, Dave Jones, has joined us in the role of Construction H&S Advisor. Here are a few quick-fire questions we put to him!

Dave Jones - H&S Advisor

Could you please tell us about your experience in the construction industry?

I have never worked directly in the Scaffolding Industry, so to come to Simian who are renowned as scaffolding experts was a little bit different!  I have worked construction for the last 12 years, and this has has given me experience of scaffold which has been good, but I certainly wouldn’t claim to be an experienced scaffolder. I am versed in construction safety though and have assisted customers of all shapes and sizes, carrying out many different activities.

Can you describe a typical day at Simian?

I don’t think I know what a typical day is yet, but it has been varied so far, which has been great.

Is there one aspect of your work in particular that you most enjoy?

When you get to see the positive impacts that your work has had on an organisation or an individual is the most rewarding.

What advice would you give those considering a career in the construction industry?

The industry has been really good to me and also to many of my peers. If you are dedicated, hard-working and are [prepared to learn, the prospects for progression are excellent, and that is borne out by the fact that the majority of my colleagues, both now and in the past, have been from a construction trade background.

Before working at Simian, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I have been lucky as I have worked in a broad range of industries but one that sticks out was an MOD site that calibrated submarine periscopes, seeing such powerful and accurate kit in operation was mind-blowing!

Aside from scaffolding, what would be your dream job?

I’m a big Football Fan and also love Motorbikes, I think now I would prefer to be a MOTOGP Rider, I just need to lose 3 stone first.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Japan has always interested me and I will hopefully get there one day.

Favourite film?

I’m a big fan of Denzel Washington so either Training Day or The Equalizer.

Favourite food?

I love lots of different food, but I really enjoy Tapas.

Have you ever had your 15 minutes of fame?

Not really, when I was younger playing at Wrexham, I was lucky enough to train with Ian Rush, and being a Liverpool fan, that was really special.

Celebrity look a like?

Chris Martin (Coldplay)

Pub or wine bar?


Fantasy date?

Bill Shankly, not the date part but would of loved to have gone for a pint with the man as be was always for the people and was an inspiration for the working class.

Secret talent?

Ex footballer now a coach for my lads U7’s side.