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SIMIAN to Deliver Layher CISRS Advanced Course

15th November 2021

“At last!” we hear CISRS Part Two Layher card holders scream, “I can now do a Layher CISRS Advanced course!”

Yes, you read that right! 2022 will see the introduction of a CISRS Layher Advanced Scaffolder course and this will give existing Layher Part Two cardholders the opportunity to progress their careers to a Level Three (Advanced) qualification.

Layher CISRS Advanced Course

Produced and developed in conjunction with Layher and CISRS, the second pilot, and the UK’s first commercially available Advanced Layher course, will take place at our Anglesey centre on 21 February 2022. Layher Part Two cardholders are eligible to attend, as are Part Two tube and fitting qualified Scaffolders who hold a Layher SSPTS endorsement, and who have done so for a minimum period of 12 months. The move comes in recognition of the the increased use of system scaffolding, and the Layher system generally, and it is hoped that it will be a forerunner for the development of other level three (Advanced) system scaffolding courses.

Sean Pike, MD of Layher, said: “As the world’s leading supplier of system scaffolding, we are delighted to be the first manufacturer to provide a CISRS Advanced course to the UK market. The Layher system is continually evolving, so it’s important that the training that supports the needs of our customers continues to do the same. I would like to thank SIMIAN and CISRS for their involvement in getting the Advanced course off the ground, and we look forward to the pilot course at Anglesey being the first of many Level Three courses, as we explore new ways of adding value to our customers’ operations and to the scaffolding and construction industries in general.”

As with all current Advanced Scaffolder courses, the Anglesey pilot will be 10 days in duration, and learners must go on to complete a Level Three NVQ in Accessing Operations and Rigging, and on completion of that, successfully complete a two-day skills test to be Awarded their CISRS Layher Advanced Scaffolder card.

Speaking of the pilot, Simon Hughes, MD at SIMIAN, said: “The introduction of a commercially available Layher Advanced course has been on the radar for several years, and we’re very happy to be playing our part in the production and delivery of the training. Layher is the world’s bestselling and most widely used scaffolding system, so it’s an honour for us to be so heavily involved in another ground breaking initiative that will not only add real value to the industry as a whole, but also to many of our customers who use the Layher system”.

Those wishing to book a place on the pilot can do so via our website, or by calling 0345 6022 418.