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Simian supports client in achieving FORS Bronze Accreditation

2nd March 2020

We are very proud to have recently been a part of supporting Rose System Scaffolding in their journey to achieving their FORS Bronze Accreditation, a milestone that highlights the business’ dedication for driving high standards across a wide variety of areas.

Rose System Scaffolding

What is FORS?

FORS stands for Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme. It is a voluntary accreditation scheme that aims to raise the standards of fleet operations and support them in achieving best practice in efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

For the construction industry, this scheme is highly important as it demonstrates a company’s efforts in managing their work-related road risk.

We’re seeing that more and more Principal Contractors are specifying FORS accreditation as a fundamental requirement of of their sub-contractor pre-qualification schemes, and for this reason, it is likely that the number of FORS accredited scaffolding contractors outside of London will continue to increase.

What will this mean for Rose System Scaffolding?

Achieving their Bronze Accreditation will bring a whole host of benefits for Rose, but ultimately it will highlight to their own clients and others within their industry that they comply with the FORS Standard.  A fundamental component of the FORS standard is a commitment to the safety of other road users and driving best practice in fleet transport.

How did we support Rose System Scaffolding?

We drafted a fleet transport management document that considered each of the core requirements for the FORS bronze scheme. This included consideration of matters such as:

  • Driving standards
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Driving standards
  • Load safety

The system also extended to include a comprehensive fleet transport risk assessment, which considered a very wide range of road transport risks and control measures.

Are you looking for expert support for your scaffolding business to achieve your FORS Accreditation? Speak to the team at SIMIAN today to find out how we can help!