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SIMIAN Attends BFRS Event

8th February 2022

February was off to a busy start with the SIMIAN team attending events up and down the country. On 03 February, BDM for the South West, Rob Wolstanholme had the opportunity to meet members of the Armed Forces community at an event hosted by BFRS (British Forces Resettlement Services) in Aldershot Garrison.

Supporting the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), SIMIAN was joined at the event by fellow member companies including: PERI Ltd, Blencowe Scaffolding Ltd, AllTask, Ideal Scaffolding (Southern) Ltd, Severnside Scaffolding Ltd, Shield Services Group and Chris Sedgeman Ltd.

SIMIAN Attends BFRS Event

Hundreds of current service personnel stopped by the NASC stand, where they were greeted by NASC Training and Recruitment Officer, Henry Annafi, SIMIAN’s very own Rob Wolstanholme and a number of NASC member companies.

Also present to lend their support was the NASC President, Lynn Way, and the NASC Managing Director, Robin James. The event was one of many ‘Military to Civilian‘ Events, in which BFRS offers the Armed Forces community the chance to meet employers, find jobs, access self-employment opportunities, enrol in training schemes, and get in touch with a whole raft of support services specialising in the transition from Military to Civilian life.

SIMIAN Attends BFRS Event

Speaking of the event, Henry Annafi said:

“It was amazing to see such a high level of interest and enthusiasm shown by so many serving Armed Forces personnel. They were very impressed by the structured and progressive nature of the CISRS scheme – and the NASC’s Armed Forces Training Fund, which will fully cover the costs of retraining and qualifying as a scaffolder. Having 9 different NASC companies available to offer opportunities, information and guidance to the attendees, as well as being supportive of each other on the day was truly inspirational and it was particularly great to have Rob’s expertise on hand. I’m happy to report that all visitors had a positive experience, and we’re already looking forward to the next opportunity.”

Rob Wolstanholme, BDM at SIMIAN has said:

“It was an honour to be able to support this NASC initiative, as it mirrors SIMIAN’s aim to work for the greater good of the scaffolding industry, and the fact that it will benefit service personnel too, means it’s win, win! Those present now have more food for thought in terms of their future career options and it’s great to have played a part in that.”

 For more information on SIMIAN’s training opportunities in the South West, contact Rob today on