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SG4:YOU User Guide now Available

14th June 2016

The NASC has now launched the SG4:YOU (2015) pocket guide in the support of the flagship scaffolding guidance note, SG4:15, ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’.

This convenient, but detailed 86-page A6 pocket guide is designed for scaffolding operatives and managers to use as a handy reference document whilst out on site and to support the main, detailed SG4:15 A4 management guide – which is available as a free download via the NASC website.

The widely-recognised industry standard for safe scaffolding, SG4:15 was launched in its 2015 revised and updated format to the NASC’s membership at the 2015 AGM in November and has been widely praised by industry experts. The SG4:YOU guide completes the SG4:15 suite, offering both detail and convenience to scaffolding operatives, contractors, managers and those involved in scaffolding on construction sites.


What does SG4:YOU include?

Whilst many of the principles of SG4 remain unchanged, the fine-tuning philosophy behind the updates to the 2015 guidance  reflects the broader scope introduced by TG20 compliant scaffolds, changes to good practice and industry innovation in the scaffolding sector. These include:

  • Erecting floor height lifts
  • Bridging with beams
  • Loading bay gate installation
  • Cantilever scaffolding
  • Chimney stack scaffolding
  • Personal fall protection equipment

NASC MD Robin James said “The updated SG4:15 safety guidance has been very well received as a free download, and we’re very happy to be launching the SG4 You pocket guidance note, as a condensed hard copy version. Since its inception 20 years ago, SG4 has stood the test of time and developed to become the established performance standard for the protection of scaffolders working at height. The A6 pocket guide only serves to strengthen its use and reference out on site.

SG4 is a core NASC publication – supported by the the construction industry’s overarching trade association, BuildUK and used by principal contractors across the UK and beyond, internationally. It continues to focus on prevention and protection philosophy, like the ‘Scaffolders’ Safe Zone.’ But it now also includes a range of updates to reflect changes within the industry, such as the introduction of TG20:13 ‘Good Practice Guidance for Tube and Fitting Scaffolding”.

“Work at height is by far the biggest risk faced by scaffolders and adhering to the principles in SG4:15 will not only serve to offer continual improvement in accident prevention, but will assist users to meet their legal duties under the Work at Height Regulations 2005.”

Copes of the SG4:YOU guide can be ordered by emailing or via their website.

Simian clients requiring advice on the practical implementation of SG4, or indeed on any other scaffolding safety matter, are free to call their Account Manager on 0345 602 2418. (Option 1)

Training on the revised standard can be arranged by calling our Training Department on 0345 602 2418. (Option 2)