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Severe Weather Warnings Issued (Wind)

1st June 2015

The Met Office and Environment Agency have issued weather warnings for much of the UK, as winds as high as 70 mph are expected to batter exposed Irish sea areas, with gusts of up to 50 mph being more common locally through Monday afternoon (01 June) and well into Tuesday (2nd June).


As is always the case, those working at height are advised to maintain a weather eye and take particular care and this is the case for Scaffolding businesses who may wish to take extra precautions during this period. These precautions may extend, in some circumstances to suspending work at height, securing loose materials that may become wind-blown and (for Scaffolders) ensuring that scaffolds are adequately restrained to the required specification. (TG20:13/TG4:19/bespoke scaffold design).

Please contact your Account Manager if further advice is required.