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Scaffolding Safety Quiz Results

30th August 2016

The ‘How Safe a Scaffolder Are You?’ quiz proved extremely popular and has already been taken over 5,483 times! It is wonderful to see everyone taking part and encouraging others to improve and continually update their scaffolding safety knowledge.

For those of you who have not yet taken our quiz you can challenge yourself now.


For everyone who has already taken the scaffolding safety quiz now is the time to see how you measured up to others in the industry. Our quiz results statistics revealed some fascinating insights into scaffolding knowledge.

The question most people got wrong was: TG20:13 Specifies a minimum surface area for sole pads, but what is it? The answer was 0.1m2 but only 31% of you chose this answer, so definitely worth a revision brush up! The question you all found easiest was: For what length of time is a Scaffolder’s CISRS (Part Two or Advanced) card valid? 86% of you chose the correct answer, which was five years.

Those taking part took an average of 9.57 minutes to complete the scaffolding safety quiz.

A huge thanks to everyone for taking the quiz and for encouraging others by sharing it. The quiz was shared an impressive 82 times through the various social media platforms.

If you are a scaffolding company, a health and safety company or anyone interested in work at height safety and would like to share the quiz on your own site please get in touch with us. There is nothing more important to Simian than encouraging the growth of safety knowledge among scaffolders.

The average score for our scaffolding safety was 63%. That is not bad but hopefully you can all do better because we are in the process of creating another more challenging scaffolding safety quiz. This  next quiz will be trickier but those entering will have the chance to win a special prize. Stay tuned for more quiz information coming soon…..