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Scaffolding goes live

29th November 2016

However, a scaffold erected in the heart of London recently could be about to change those perceptions.

The scaffolding installed on a Grade 1 listed building in Mayfair has been referred to a ‘living wall’ concept and, accordingly to the designers, ‘has the potential to reduce air and noise pollution’. The structure certainly breaks from the norm in an attempt to provide scaffolding eye candy and has been created from a combination of grasses, flowers and strawberries.

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The wall is the first of its kind in the UK and was designed by engineering consultants Arup and manufactured by Swedish living wall specialist, Green Fortune.

The idea is that by using living plants and flowers, scaffolding structures can help to improve the impact of the constructions sites on the surrounding environment. Not only does it look more appealing but there are measurable environmental benefits too.

The structure in London has been fitted with sensors so the positive impact can be measured. Any reduction in noise pollution will certainly be welcomed by local residents and businesses. Air pollution is a growing concern in major cities like London there will no doubt be a great deal of interest in the results from this first trial.

We wonder whether the live loads of nesting birds have been considered in the design calculations!