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Scaffolding damaged in storm

7th December 2017

A scaffolding structure on a building, currently being converted into a retirement development in Surrey, was damaged by strong winds in recent bad weather. The structure on Cobham High Street was seen leaning precariously over the pavement in the early afternoon. The fire and rescue service attended the scene and the road was closed for a number of hours to ensure the safety of the public.

scaffolding damaged

The scaffolding was promptly dismantled by staff working on the site, but not before local residents were unnerved by the shocking sight and many were affected by the disruption of the road being closed for most of the afternoon.

Thankfully there were no injuries and the scaffolding contractors were able to dismantle and remove the sheeting and safely reduce the height of the scaffolding on the building site. HSE is now investigating the incident.

Although the weather conditions had been particularly bad and we are yet to hear the outcome of HSE’s investigation, this sort of incident should be preventable. Scaffolding which has been erected correctly should withstand the strongest of winds. It also serves as reminder of the importance of regular scaffolding inspections.

An independent scaffolding inspection can be invaluable when it comes to identifying potential issues or weaknesses. We can help with independent scaffolding inspections and scaffolding safety audits. If you would like to find out more please give us a call on 0345 602 2418 or drop us an email