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Scaffolding collapse as Storm Eleanor hits Europe

26th January 2018

2018 got off to a dramatic start as Storm Eleanor hit the UK and Ireland before moving across mainland Europe, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Winds up to 100mph hit the UK and Ireland, resulting in flooding in many place, injuries from fallen trees, widespread power cuts, high tides, major bridge closures as well as damage to cars, homes and roads from falling debris caused by the storm.

Europe was also severely hit by Eleanor, with reports of damage and disruption in Switzerland, France and Germany. A train derailed in the German town Lünen, after it struck a tree that had fallen on the lines.

A total of nine people were reportedly injured in France with four seriously in accidents caused by high winds. In Paris, disruption was widespread, with falling debris, 30,000 homes without power and the closure of the Eiffel Tower due to what was said to be the ‘worst winds to hit France in years’.

During this time, the high winds caused scaffolding to collapse in the city, landing on cars parked in the street below, with fortunately no casualties. This is yet another in a series of scaffolding collapses that have occurred in the past 12 months, highlighting the necessity of effective scaffolding safety construction, inspection and procedures for construction businesses throughout the globe. Take a look at the damage caused below.

Working or preparing scaffolding for windy conditions is essential in avoiding collapses such as the above and injuries to both workers and the public. Ensure your scaffolding is safe with our comprehensive scaffold inspection service.

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