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Scaffolding Apprenticeships

28th January 2016

Did you start your scaffolding career as an apprentice? Many of us in the industry did.

Apprenticeships have had a hard time in recent years, the UK government has focused on encouraging your people to remain in full time education and there has been much made in the media of apprentice schemes which offer little in the way of training and appear to be simply using apprentices for cheap labour.


However good apprenticeship with training and in an area where there is a skills shortage will always be a good way to embark on a career. An apprenticeship also offers the benefit of real experience in the workplace along with an income instead of clocking up a debt at college or university.

There is currently high demand for qualified scaffolders and plenty of opportunities to travel and work abroad.

At Simian we offer a part-time scaffolding apprenticeship scheme for those who are sponsored by an employer. This scheme is available across the UK.

A full-time scaffolding apprenticeship is also available to young people in the North West aged between 16 and 24 who are currently out of work. Eligible delegates selected for this programme will be paid a fee equivalent to a wage, as well as travel expenses.

The Scaffolder Apprenticeship course includes the training route to qualify as a CISRS Scaffolder (Tube and Fitting or System) and obtain a CISRS Scaffolders Card.

Although the scheme is primarily aimed at people aged 16-24, it is open to learners of all ages so is also a great option for older individuals looking for a career change.

If you think you know someone who might be interested then just ask them to get in touch.  We’ll be happy to give them more information and answer any questions they might have about the scheme and eligibility.

Give us a call on 0345 602 2418 or email