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Scaffold collapse causes traffic chaos

22nd October 2015

A recent scaffold collapse in West London caused traffic chaos and delays when it gave way in the middle of the day.

Image – Get West London


The highway scaffold was erected at an office block in Hayes during an office conversion project. The scaffold, which was traditional tube and fitting , was being used as a facade for the podium of the old eight storey building. Fortunately nobody was hurt in what could have been a disastrous incident had there been pedestrians in the vicinity.

The road was closed for a period of time while the scaffold was removed from the road and pavement. The police were called to direct traffic at in the area surrounding the incident.

The cause of the collapse has not yet been established but as the days get shorter and the likelihood of bad weather increases (the sun might be shining but the British winter is just around the corner!) this incident serves as a stark reminder that care should be taken to prevent accidents like this one. Scaffolds constructed to the specification of BS EN 12811 (by design or TG20:13) should withstand adverse weather so it is worth checking compliance.

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